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What Does A Chiropractor Do?
Working With Your Body
Working With Your Body

Chiropractic helps unleash your natural healing ability, your inner healer.  Chiropractic has been a blessing to many millions worldwide since its discovery in 1895.  What is chiropractic and how can a chiropractor help you?

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What Do Chiropractors Do?

Chiropractic is the largest and most popular natural, drug-free healthcare system in the world.  Why? Because chiropractors perform a unique service--they locate and release stress from your body, a stress that affects your brain, spinal cord and structural system.

Your body is the world's most powerful healer--it stores more information than the most powerful mainframe computer.  It is able to learn, grow and repair itself.  For that you have a powerful central computer and a vast communications system.

All your many body parts and systems--cardiovascular, digestive, eliminative, immune, structural, hormonal and others--must work in harmony.  This will enable you to function at your optimum--full of energy, happiness, strength and joy so you are able to fulfill your hopes and dreams.

Your central computer needs communications system with billions of "wires" so all your parts can communicate with each other.